Anycubic launched a new home decoration 3D printing competition

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic announced the launch of its home decoration 3D printing competition.
The competition is aimed at artists, engineers, manufacturers and other 3D printing enthusiasts. Participants are required to design and 3D print a novel decorative home furniture. Those who don’t have a 3D printer can also participate, because Anycubic will also accept digital design files.
In order to make you value for money, the company provided a large number of prizes to the winners of the competition, including the upcoming Vyper FDM 3D printer and batches of polymer 3D printing materials.
The highest prize of the competition, Anycubic’s new Vyper 3D printer was recently exhibited at TCT Asia. With a rich build volume of 245 x 245 x 260 mm, Vyper is the company’s first system to provide fully automatic bed leveling. This completely eliminates the tedious manual leveling process, which can sometimes take up to 15 minutes, and simplifies the 3D printing workflow for novices and veterans.
Vyper is equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard and high-performance Cortex M3 main control chip, with a printing speed of up to 100 mm/sec-30% faster than the company’s old Mega series. The new TMC2209 Silent Driver also ensures a silent 3D printing experience, and the built-in consumable bounce sensor will suspend printing when consumables are short.
In addition, Anycubic improves Vyper’s build board with a spring steel layer, a soft magnetic rubber layer, and a special scratch-resistant coating. Therefore, the design of the detachable bed is stronger than ever before and can resist deformation at high temperatures without the need for glue and other adhesives.
Most importantly, the front of this 3D printer is equipped with a new 4.3-inch full-color touch screen, which is larger than previous generations. The maximum temperature of the Vyper nozzle is 260°C, and it can print PLA, ABS, TPU and PETG.
The system retail price is 359 US dollars (pre-order price is 299 US dollars), only 3000 units, will be held on June 10th at 7:00 am Pacific Standard Time / 4:00 pm CEST. More information about the Anycubic Vyper pre-order campaign can be found here.
To participate in the home decoration 3D printing contest, you only need a 3D CAD software program and some creativity. Divided into two categories-one for people who design for 3D printing and one for people who upload models-the competition is designed to be accessible to anyone, regardless of resources. There are five winners in each of the two categories, and you can only participate in either.
Ten winners will be selected based on three criteria: the sophistication of the home furnishings, the originality of the design, and how close it is to the competition specifications. A diverse board of directors composed of 10 Anycubic employees from multiple departments of the company will serve as judges, and the results will be announced on June 17.
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Post time: Jun-04-2021

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