Glass Marbles

I’ll never forget the first time I interviewed Jerry Piquette about his deep interest in the game of marbles. It was 2002, or thereabouts. He lived in that stately old house on the corner of Main and Ruby, which now is home to Griggs Orthopaedics, and he had the most amazing collection of marbles of all colors and sizes I’d ever seen. They were displayed in a glass vase that was about three-feet tall and as wide as a redwood tree trunk, filled to the brim.10I quickly learned that his passion really extended beyond the game itself and to children, teaching them valuable life skills (like practice, focus and dedication) and virtuous traits (such as sportsmanship and humility). Playing marbles was simply the conduit to this brighter path.488279096229785479

We’re still writing stories about Jerry. (See this week’s article on page B1.) The City of Gunnison recently honored him with the naming of the marbles rings at Jorgensen Park. It’s a fitting tribute to a man who has dedicated so much of his retirement years to serving others, especially the youth in our community.

Post time: Jun-26-2019

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